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Sexual Health Arizona and Genital Surgery

SexualHealthAZWelcome to Sexual Health Arizona.  Many patients suffer from genital deformities or believe their sexual health could be improved.  It’s a taboo subject for many but recent advancements in plastic surgery has made this topic more open and acceptable than ever before. North Valley Plastic Surgery offers several services and procedures to help people improve their sexual health.  North Valley Plastic Surgery offers several services and procedures to help people improve their sexual health.  We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality aesthetic and sexual health services possible.  North Valley Plastic Surgery maintains a vast inventory of medical grade products and offers a free consultation for sexual health services.

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Nonsurgical Procedures for Female Sexual Health


· FemiLift

· G Spot Amplification

· O-Shot, Orgasm Shot


Surgical Procedures for Female Sexual Healthshutterstock_66798946

· Clitoral Hood Reduction

· Gaping Introitus

· Hymen Restoration

· Labia Majora Augmentation

· Labia Majora Convergence

· Labia Majora Reduction

· Labia Minora Reduction

· Labiaplasty (Labia Surgery)

· Lateral Redundant Prepuce

· Mons Pubis Reduction

· Perineoplasty

· Revision of Botched Labia Revision

· Vaginal Rejuvenation



Male Procedures for Sexual Health

Priapus Shot Arizona 4

· Soft Tissue Filler for Penis Enlargement

· Phalloplasty

· Priapus Shot


Take Charge of your Sexual Health

No physician, sexual partner, or spouse should tell you to have a sexual health procedure or cosmetic genital surgery. A patient must remember that all surgeries have potential risks and some cosmetic surgeries are essentially irreversible.  Only you can make that decision for your own body. Your sexual health physician will discuss with the risks, benefits and alternatives to any sexual health procedure or cosmetic genital surgery you are considering.


To learn more about genital surgery in Arizona, please call our office at (480) 991-6877 or visit us anytime at

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