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Ban on Macrolane Breast Enhancement Confirms FDA Predictions

Published on May 2, 2015 by

Breast Procedures PhoenixRecently, patients who were treated with the Macrolane dermal filler to enlarge their breasts, were urged to have their doctor do extra screening with their mammograms. The manufacturers of MacrolaneTM, have ceased marketing this product for breast enhancement until further notice. Some radiologists have reported difficulty reading mammograms of patients who have had Macrolane breast enhancement.

Breast Augmentation in Arizona

Over the years many of us have become skeptical of the US-FDA. The FDA has a seemingly endless evaluation period to approve new medications, implants, and devices. The mantra goes “in any other country it would have been approved years before the U.S.” When the FDA takes years to approve an experimental cancer drug or recalls a dangerous arthritis treatment, lawyers are ready to pounce at every turn.

Breast Procedures PhoenixIn fact, the history of the FDA is filled with many more success stories than failures. Since its inception in 1906, the FDA has honed the approval of medical products from a Wild West mentality to strict scientific criteria. Although there have been FDA missteps, today we take it for granted that our government will accurately and safely oversee the approval of our drugs and medical devices. Being slow to action and skeptical of every new treatment may constitute bureaucratic red tape, but caution saves lives.

Macrolane Breast Enhancement

It was easy to appreciate the appeal of Macrolane breast enhancement. The MacrolaneTM injections for breast augmentation only took 45 minutes requiring just local anesthesia. The idea of breast enlargement without implants or surgery was appealing for many patients and doctors around the world. In other countries with lax medical approval standards and high consumer demand, MacrolaneTM was quickly approved for breast enlargement. In the United States, however, our FDA never approved the use of MacrolaneTM for breast enhancement. This is one instance where the FDA clearly put the health of the public before consumer demand and did the right thing.

At Arizona Facial Plastics, our team of board certified plastic surgeons in Arizona stay current with the latest medical research. Before we offer a product or service we do our best to research and verify the scientific literature, thereby ensuring patient safety. To learn more about the FDA ban on Macrolane dermal filler, Breast Augmentation in Arizona, and Macrolane breast enhancement, call our office at (480) 991-6877 or visit

Note: MacrolaneTM is a registered trademark of Q-Med, a division of Galderma.

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