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SLIMlipo Laser Liposuction Phoenix

What is SLIMlipo?

SLIMlipo Laser Liposuction PhoenixSLIM lipo, short for Selective Laser Induced Melting, is a very safe but effective method of removing unwanted fat from stubborn areas with minimal pain, minimal downtime, and minimal bruising. SLIMlipo, unlike traditional liposuction that uses mechanical force to break down fat before the suction procedure, utilizes a Diode Laser that specifically targets the fat cells only, leaving blood vessels, nerves, and fibrous connections between the skin and the muscle fascia unharmed. This allows less pain, and bruising, and excellent skin retraction! In addition, the procedure is so gentle, it can be done under local anesthesia with mild sedation. Most patients can continue their normal activities the next day!

It can be used in any area that standard liposuction is used, with the added benefit of skin tightening. The laser uses “heat” which has been shown to help “tighten” the skin, promoting retraction. It is useful for specific body sculpting of the abdominal muscles to create a “six pack”. As with liposuction, this is not a weight loss procedure. It addresses volume, shape, proportion and definition.

How does SLIM lipo work?

SLIM Lipo, a new laser liposuction technology, has revolutionized the way liposuction is done. What is new is the specific laser wavelength which selectively melts fat three times more than SmartLipo™. SLIM Lipo for selectively targets adipose and dermal tissue in areas of unwanted fat “melting” tissue away while enhancing skin retraction. This results in laser liposuction that delivers consistent aesthetic outcomes. Patients benefit from smaller incisions, less bruising and less blood loss, all resulting in easier treatments and rapid recovery. This new laser technology is revolutionizing the way liposuction is done.

Benefits of SLIM Lipo are:

  • The laser selectively dissolves fat unlike standard liposuction which can destroy all tissues.
  • The laser closes blood vessels which results in less bleeding and bruising.
  • The laser tightens skin which results in tighter skin after surgery.
  • Laser liposuction is less traumatic so there is a quicker recovery.
  • Smoother skin with less contour deformities.
  • Many can resume normal activities within days.

Patients at Arizona Facial Plastics have been amazed with the results of SLIM Lipo over other forms of liposuction.

The following is an article about SLIM LipoTM from US Dermatology:

Compared with other wavelengths used in our office, patients treated with the SlimLipo hand piece experienced less downtime and fewer side effects. While some patients reported minor tenderness, bruising was minimal and most patients were able to return to work the following morning. Patients experienced the expected immediate side effects of trace or mild erythema, bruising, and edema, but most of this was completely resolved by one week. Marked improvements in side effects and downtime for this procedure compared with traditional liposuction may be attributed to more complete heating and subsequent breakdown of fat conferred by the 924nm wavelength. We observed other benefits, including smaller and fewer numbers of incisions. This is believed to have contributed to quicker recovery, reduced post-operative pain, and reduced tissue trauma. Laser lipolysis with the new SlimLipo hand piece offers many benefits to both the physician and the patient. From a practitioner’s perspective, the SlimLipo procedure requires less effort than traditional liposuction, in addition to being quicker and having smoother results. This ease of treatment, especially in difficult regions to treat, such as the submental region and flanks, may be explained by both highly selective wavelengths and unique delivery-tip design. Patients were pleased with the minimal recovery time following treatment. The ability to return to work within one to two days was markedly different from previous experience with other laser devices or traditional liposuction alone. Conclusions drawn from this pilot study were that this treatment was milder than its predecessors and offered significantly improved experiences and outcomes. Significantly reduced tissue trauma, bruising, bleeding, and pain were confirmed. Clinical results were excellent, with improvement in 100% of patients at six weeks post-treatment. Patients reported a high level of satisfaction with this procedure, appreciating the minimal downtime as well as the smoothing and tightening of their skin. All patients agreed they would opt to undergo the procedure again and would recommend the procedure to family and friends. (Weiss R, The Selective Laser-induced Melting Procedure—Advanced Laser Body Sculpting, US Dermatology, 2008;3, in press)


What to Expect During the Procedure

Once some small incisions have been made in the area needed, tumescent fluid which consists of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine, is injected into the surrounding tissue. A laser probe is inserted into the area and is used to melt and liquefy fat cells,which also tightens the skin from the inside. The second step uses a small suction cannula to remove emulsified fat and further contour the general area. Skin tightening process starts at this time but will continue over the next 4-6 weeks.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period

Post-operatively, a compression garment will be worn around the liposuction area to help reduce the swelling and promote skin retraction, which can take six weeks or more to subside. It is normal for the incisions to ooze and drain fluid. Maxi pads or gauze should be used to cover these ports to absorb the fluid.

If Nylon sutures were used (rarely), they will be removed within one to two weeks. Restrictions over the next six weeks may include but are not limited to: heavy lifting, pulling, or pushing. Basically, most patients are free to exert themselves as tolerated with the understanding that any exertion should be brought on slowly and gradually. Although swelling and bruising is minimal, it may take a few weeks to dissipate.

The use of bath tubs, Jacuzzis, or anything that allows the body to submerge is not allowed, until clearance from the physician has been provided (usually three weeks after the surgery). Showering is allowed 48 hours after surgery. It is important to pat the operative areas dry and replace the dressings and compression garment.

If you have questions regarding SLIM Lipo in Phoenix or SLIMlipo, please call to make an appointment for a consultation at Arizona Facial Plastics at (480) 991-6877.

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

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