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Thighplasty Phoenix

Thighplasty, also known as a thigh lift, is a procedure that will lift and contour the thigh area. Many people seek this procedure when they have had excessive weight loss, or because of the effects of aging. Thighplasty is done as an outpatient procedure, under general or epidural anesthesia.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The incision is from the groin area down to the knee, and can also go across to the outer and anterior hip area. For women, the incisions can be hidden in the bikini line. The board certified plastic surgeons at Arizona Facial Plastics will then remove the excess fat and skin. Often times, liposuction is done in conjunction, to give the thighs a smoother, more toned appearance. One or two drains will be sutured into the groin area; while, dissolvable and Nylon sutures may be used close the incision sites.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period

Post-operatively, the area will be swollen and bruised. Compression garments will be worn to help reduce the swelling.

One or two drains are located in the groin area. The purpose of the drains is to collect excess fluid from the wound to lower the risk of infection. Drain logs will be provided to keep a record of the output of fluid. Drains will be removed when the output meets the doctor’s specifications.

The Nylon sutures will be removed within two weeks. Restrictions over the next six weeks may include but are not limited to: heavy lifting, pulling, or pushing.

The use of a bath tub, Jacuzzi, or anything that allows the body to submerge is not allowed, until clearance from the physician has been provided (usually three weeks after the surgery). Showering is allowed 48 hours after surgery. It is important to pat the operative areas dry and replace the dressings.

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