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Breast Augmentation Decisions

Published on January 26, 2011 by

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The Decision To Get Breast Augmentation Surgery Can Be Easy When You Know The Benefits

For most women, the decision as to whether or not to get breast implants can be a very difficult one to make. It is also a very personal and private decision. There are no set answers for every woman, just as there are no set outcomes. The reasons why women initially consider breast augmentation surgery are also as varied and unique as the outcomes.

Some of the more common reasons revolve around the physical characteristics of each breast. Some women are born with smaller breasts and may carry feelings of insecurity with them their entire adult lives. While for some, this is no big deal, for others it makes them feel as if the whole world is noticing. It can also bring a sense of unbalance if the rest of your frame appears larger and out of balance. Fitting into clothes or looking alluring in a bathing suit might be nearly impossible if your bust is too small. For the smaller breasted woman, she may always feel the opposite sex is noticing the other women’s figures rather than hers. She may see constant images of how men react on seeing those with full and firm breasts. This may also happen in her day-to-day life as well. This naturally makes smaller women wish they could experience life through the eyes of the voluptuous fuller figured women they see around them. Breast augmentation, for this reason, may give them the confidence to stand tall and relish in the attention they may have been lacking. This can make a woman feel more attractive. As with any improvement one makes, if you truly believe it makes you more attractive, then it does. You will naturally radiate attractiveness, poise, and self confidence if you are personally satisfied with your appearance after your breast augmentation surgery.

Another common reason to consider breast implants that women do not really talk about is being naturally uneven. This is more common than most people assume. While a size difference in one breast is typically unnoticeable, for some it is very obvious. Some women spend years trying to cover up the fact that one breast is unnaturally larger than the other. Getting bras or clothes to look and feel right can be very challenging if you have uneven breast size. This kind of issue every day can really take a toll on a woman’s self esteem.

For some, the reasons for breast augmentation crop into mind more as age starts to show. It is no secret that gravity takes a toll on a woman’s breast regardless of what kind of shape she is in. Even if you are very fit, there will eventually be sagging to contend with. This sagging and pulling on the skin can be unsightly for some. As women age, they be more apt to want their breast restored to a younger or perkier look.

The reasons for breast implants for many women may be to correct or restore their previous youthful fullness. They may feel pregnancy or extreme weight loss has taken a heavy toll on their breast, more so than normal aging or time might have. Even after a fairly young and in shape woman breast feeds for a period of time, the breast will become stretched and sagging. They may never look the way they did before pregnancy. This can be a devastating reality for some couples to deal with. Many women complain that their breasts have an “empty sack” appearance. Extreme weight loss has much of the same effects as pregnancy. During pregnancy and weight gain, your breasts become larger and your skin can stretch. When you give birth or lose a lot weight quickly, the fatty tissue making you breast fuller is lost. This causes the skin to sag and hang loosely. The dramatic expansion and then contraction weight loss can leave behind terrible stretch marks also. Of course this is enough to make anyone feel less than ideally attractive. When it comes to weight loss, a woman who has dramatically lost a lot of weight will want to naturally show off her new thinner self. If her breasts are not flattering and make her feel les attractive, breast implants can give back that fullness without gaining back the weight.

Another reason a woman can find herself considering breast augmentation surgery is having lost her breast to disease, such as breast cancer. This can be a very emotional and horrible period of a woman’s life. When disease forces a young woman to have to have her breast removed in order to live, the scarring can be unimaginable for her both on the outside and on the inside. Getting breast implants are not merely a cosmetic procedure for this type of patient. It can be the one thing to make her not only feel like a woman again, but feel like a whole and normal woman. Restoring this feeling in a woman who has overcome a dreadful disease which could have killed her is an incredible thing to be able to provide. For women who get breast reconstruction and/or augmentation after cancer, they may feel attractive, well and normal for the first time since being diagnosed.

Once the reasons have carefully been weighed and the decision is undoubtedly yes to having breast enhancement, you must do your research. The decision to get breast augmentation was not quick and easy so you need to carefully search for the right doctor. This search should include a thorough check of the doctor’s credentials and education. They should also be clear on their certifications. Has your Dr. served a full residency training program in Plastic Surgery? Does your Dr. have hospital privileges to perform this surgery? Do you know anybody on whom your Dr. has done surgery? Every legitimate doctor who cares for the well being of his patients will work with you to provide you with all of the information you feel to know. Seeking out recommendations is really the best way to get a feel for the work the doctor has done in the past. They should be able to give you insight also to the real recovery process and realistic results. As for the results you may want, the doctor you choose should also work with you to decide what would be best for your body type and intended outcome. The doctor will also make sure you are physically fit enough to have the out-patient procedure done in the first place.

While the reasons a woman may seek out breast augmentation can be vastly different. The results should be universally a sense of loving your new body and feeling more comfortable in your own skin than you did before the procedure. Breast implants can do more than give your breast a lift, they can be a jumpstart to a new and confident you.

If you are considering breast implants Scottsdale or breast augmentation surgery, call Arizona Facial Plastics at (480) 991-6877 to make a complimentary consultation appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who can answer any questions and discuss your surgery options with you.

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