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Breast Procedures Phoenix

Breast Augmentation

Whether you want to enhance or reduce what nature has given you, Arizona Facial Plastics offers a full line of choices that will help you achieve your desired results.

For many, the decision to have breast surgery is of a personal nature, whether it is choosing a breast reduction to correct the pain and stress on your body often associated with large breasts or to enhance the breasts you have for better body proportion, or to minimize the natural aging process, Arizona Facial Plastics Plastic Surgeons understand how important this decision is for their patients to make.

Whatever your choice, Arizona Facial Plastics is here to help and walk you through your breast surgery options.

Why Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed annually by members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Women may choose to undergo breast enlargement surgery for various reasons.

Breast Procedures Phoenix

These personal reasons may center around breasts that are perceived to be under developed, or because of a difference in the size of their breasts (right or left). Maybe there were changes after pregnancy or breast feeding.

Some women may be happy with their breasts and just want them made fuller. After weight loss, aging or childbirth, a woman’s breast volume and shape may change. This too can lead a woman to seek breast augmentation.

Arizona Facial Plastics Surgeons help their patients improve breast shape and size. Breast enhancement using breast implants can give a woman more proportional shape and may improve their overall self-esteem.

Breast Reduction

Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery, are frequently seeking relief from physical symptoms caused by the excessive weight of large breasts. Breast reduction usually can solve these problems as well as improve the size and shape of your breasts. Following breast reduction, your breasts will be more proportional to the rest of your body, and clothes will fit you better.

Breast Lift

Loss of skin elasticity, gravity and other factors such as weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding ultimately affect the shape and firmness of your breasts. Patients who are generally satisfied with the size of their breasts can have a breast lift to raise and firm them, resulting in a more youthful breast contour. Some patients may be unhappy that they have lost a significant amount of breast volume over time. In such cases, implants inserted in conjunction with a breast lift can increase breast size, at the same time as the shape and position of the breasts are being enhanced.

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Breast Procedures Phoenix

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