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Breast Implant Exchange Phoenix

The breast implant exchange procedure is considered reconstructive surgery*. This procedure is done to replace ruptured implants; to switch to larger implants; or to change from saline implants to gel implants. Breast implant exchange surgery is an outpatient procedure, done under general anesthesia.

What to Expect During Breast Implant Exchange

The incision will usually be located in the same place as the original breast augmentation, unless the incision was through the underarm (transaxillary). The implants will be removed, and your new implants will usually be placed in the existing pocket. If the new implant is larger, the pocket will be adjusted. The incision site is closed with dissolvable and/or Nylon sutures. If your present implants are subglandular (under the breast but above the chest wall) the new implants may need to be placed underneath the muscle. This new pocket dissection causes more post-operative pain.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Post-operatively it is common to feel tired and sore. A frontal zip-up sports bra is recommended to wear post-operatively because it prevents the breasts from dropping, allowing them to stay in place. Anti-nausea medication is prescribed, as well as a sleeping aid for your discomfort. The breasts will be swollen and can this swelling can take up to five weeks to subside. You can shower 48 hours after surgery, and in ten days any sutures will be removed. We usually use all dissolving sutures. The use of a bath tub, Jacuzzi, or anything that allows the body to submerge is not allowed, until clearance from your physician has been provided.

If you have questions, please call one of our licensed providers at Arizona Facial Plastics.

*Reconstructive surgery is defined as “surgery that is done with the intention of restoring normalcy to a part or structure. Cosmetic surgery is defined as “surgery that is designed to enhance an otherwise normal structure to a ‘super normal’ status.”

If you already have breast implants AZ, and/or your surgery was done at Arizona Facial Plastics more than one year ago, there is a $140 consultation fee. This fee will go towards your surgery, when you decide to have it done here.

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

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