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Traveling Plastic Surgery

You only get one body and one chance to pick your plastic surgeon. Don’t let your location determine where you have surgery. Plastic surgery patients commonly search around the country, and even the world, to find the best surgeon. Today’s patients think more globally and are willing to travel for the best. The Internet has put a wealth of medical information at their fingertips and has given them choices when it comes to who does their surgery. We understand that it is a big emotional step to decide to travel to have plastic surgery, and we will do our best to assure your safety, convenience, and total relaxation should you wish to come to us for your plastic surgery.

Nearly all aesthetic procedures can be done for patients traveling from outside of the Phoenix area. Facelift, eyelift, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, and tummy tuck, are just a few of the procedures Arizona Facial Plastics has performed on patients from out of town.

Why Arizona Facial Plastics?

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of plastic surgery care. We offer the latest and most innovative techniques in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Arizona Facial Plastics has been helping patients “look as young and beautiful as they feel” since 1993. Whether you’re considering cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery, our staff of board certified plastic surgeons have the training and experience to perform your plastic surgery or reconstructive procedure. Unlike other plastic surgery practices, NVPS owns its own surgery center so its specialists can consult with you and perform your surgery in one location. We can also offer our patients some of the best prices in the industry.


The reputation from many satisfied patients around the world means that many of Arizona Facial Plastics patients live outside the Phoenix area. We are experienced with organizing a hassle-free procedure for traveling patients. For some, recovering from aesthetic surgery near family and friends is a plus, but for others, the privacy associated with an out of town plastic surgeon creates a tranquility that better serves their needs.

We also are accustomed to helping local patients have a “staycation.” Even patients that live nearby sometimes approach their plastic surgery as if they were from out of town, staying in the luxury of local resorts where they can keep their plastic surgery private. Arizona Facial Plastics strives to give our traveling patients the safest possible experience while also showing them a good time as our out-of-town guests.

What Will My Consultation Be Like If I Am Out Of Town?

First we have to decide if you are a candidate for surgery. This is best accomplished in person by consulting with our surgeons. Sometimes we can schedule surgery on the same trip. Other times it works best to schedule a preoperative visit before your surgery. One of our doctors will consult with you on the phone and create a surgical plan. Your evaluation will be as meticulous as if you met the doctor in person. Our staff will be available to you for asking lingering questions. We will make sure that all of your questions are answered before you embark to Phoenix for your plastic surgery. Photos can be sent to our plastic surgery consultant by either e-mail or regular mail. A photo can be worth a 1,000 words. On occasion we use digital photos to begin the process, but we must always see our patients before the day we do a procedure.

How Do I Take Good Preoperative Photos?

Here is some advice that we’ve found helpful for consultation photos. Make sure you have good lighting and a dark background. Don’t use your cellular phone to take photos. Look at the before photos on our website.

Breast Procedures: Take pictures from the front, left, and right side. Photos should have your arms at your side. Please let us know if you are inquiring about new breast augmentation, breast implant exchange, and/or breast lift.

Face Procedures: Please include the three photos of your face: Front, left and right sides. Please make sure you show your neck. If you are also inquiring about other areas of the face please take close up photos.

Nose Procedures: Please include the following photos of your nose: a 45 degree angle photo, a front photo, right and left side photos.

Body Procedures: Photos of your body areas requiring liposuction, tummy tuck, and body lift are helpful in determining the amount of time for the surgery. Please send front, back, and two side views of the areas requiring surgery.

Out Of Town Preoperative Consult

In most cases, the doctor will need some preoperative blood work, as well an X-ray or EKG, and in some cases, preoperative “clearance” from your personal physician. Tests are ordered that are appropriate for your age, gender, and medical history. Our office will coordinate this with your doctor, if needed. Patients with significant medical issues will be asked to come to our office several days earlier than usual to meet a local internist that can assist in their management.
We take extra time educating traveling patients about the nature of their recovery including how long to take off from work, what to expect in terms of body changes and reaction to surgery, and when to resume various activities. This works to minimize surprises upon returning home.

Postoperative Care

Depending on your surgery, you may spend the night of surgery back at your hotel with a friend or a private nurse. Or you may require or prefer staying at an “after-care” facility. When you are far from home, it will be comforting to know that your plastic surgeon is nearby. The post-surgery recuperation must be coordinated. Sometimes this means arranging a night or two at a specialized recovery center staffed by nurses. Other times it means booking a comfortable nearby hotel. Our staff has experience arranging this around different needs and tastes.

Travel Arrangements

The entire staff at Arizona Facial Plastics is accustomed to meeting the needs of out of town patients. In particular, the surgical coordinator will help you with travel arrangements, transfers, hotels, preoperative clearance, and your postoperative care. Typically, the doctor will want to see you in person the day before your plastic surgery to review your case and to complete your examination and consultation.
We encourage our traveling patients to plan on doing some non-strenuous activities while in town. Having fun helps recovery go faster and easier. Our staff works as a concierge to make plans for restaurants, daytime activities, and shopping so the trip becomes a vacation as well as a surgery experience. Read about suggested Phoenix attractions and suggested nearby restaurants.
We are pleased to have made arrangements with select hotels to provide discounted rates for our many patients visiting us from out of town. We have a list of different hotels that offer discounts for our patients.

HolidayInnExpressNorth Valley Outpatient Rate at Holiday Inn Express Phoenix-Scottsdale
Or Call (480) 473-3400 and ask for the North Valley Outpatient Rate

Coming Home After Surgery

Based on the exact details of your case, our staff will tell you how long you must be in the Phoenix area. It will vary with the plastic surgical procedure and other factors. We will take every step to help you return home as safely and soon as possible. For instance, we routinely use absorbable sutures that do not need to be removed. We also use a “tissue glue” that decreases the need for drains and quickens recovery.

One concern of many patients is what they will do if they ever develop a problem after they return home in the weeks or months after surgery. The staff at Arizona Facial Plastics understands this concern. Fortunately, it is indeed rare for this to actually happen, but when it does, the doctor will always try to arrange for a nearby friendly colleague to see you. We maintain close contact with all of our patients, and if anything, we communicate even more frequently with the patients from outside Arizona to be absolutely certain that they are doing well.

If you would like to speak with one of our staff members or need more information, call us today at (480) 991-6877.

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