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Botox Migraine Headache Phoenix

Botox Migraine HeadacheArizona Facial Plastics is one of the most popular locations for Botox in the country. This year our office is ranked in the top ten of the country with the manufacturer of Botox, Allergan. Botox has been used for over a decade by our office and does a lot more than just wrinkle treatments. Botox can be highly beneficial for those suffering from migraine headaches. Our office not only used Botox for wrinkle treatments, Botox for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) , and Botox for headaches. We are committed to relieving the pain and suffering from patients with headaches. Often, a patient’s current therapies can be complementary to the Migraine Botox injections. In some patients, Botox works so well for their migraines that they are able to stop all others therapies. Botox for Migraines doesn’t work for everyone and every type of headache. There are certainly commonalities but migraines vary greatly from person to person. Genetics, diet, lifestyle, stress level, drug metabolism, severity, migraine triggers, all contribute to a person’s migraine. For this reason it is unlikely there will ever be one single treatment that treats all migraines. A commonly cited study is that Botox prevents up to nine headache days a month. Our office does its best to provide fast care to people in severe pain. A noisy, high stress ER is one of the most exacerbating environments for a migraine attack. Medical staff not experienced with migraines may administer ineffective therapies that can prolong the migraine.

How is Botox for Migraines Administered?

Many of our patients are in and out of our office in less than twenty minutes. Most of the time is with understanding your medical history and preparing for the injections. Administering Botox for migraines takes only a few minutes and barely hurts. Let us know if you are fearful of needles so we can make you extra comfortable. Botox Migraine Injections are made to seven areas of the head and neck. Very fine needles are used for 31 total injections in most patients. The injections are much smaller than the ones used for drawing blood. Some patients say that the injections feel like tiny pinpricks.

Sites of Migrane Botox Injections

Injections are on both the right and left sides of the head.

A Trial of Botox for Migraines is Essential

A patient can’t just have one treatment and assume that it works or doesn’t work for their migraines. In order to experience the full effectiveness, BOTOX® therapy requires a commitment from you and your doctor. Plan on starting with at least 2 treatment sessions (once every 12 weeks) to make sure you have an opportunity to see results. If your doctor decides that BOTOX® works for you, the recommended re-treatment schedule is every 12 weeks. Don’t wait until your migraines come back for your treatment. It’s better for your comfort and In clinical trials, BOTOX® was proven to reduce headache days after two treatments (at 24 weeks). Keeping a headache diary that records your migraines frequency, intensity, location, and other notes can help you and our medical team to track your progress. For more information on , Botox migraine treatments, Botox headache injections, Gilbert Migraine Botox, Scottsdale Migraine Botox, Mesa Migraine Botox, Chandler Migraine Botox and Phoenix Migraine Botox please call 480-991-6877.

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