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Why Us for Injectables?

why north valley for botoxArizona Facial Plastics has one of the finest injectable departments in the country. We have the most experience, the best prices, and have thousands of loyal patients that can attest to this.

The next time you’re at your doctor’s office, look around and see if there are any marketing materials for injectables. Lately, everyone from dentists to chiropractors has been offering injectables. The training for injectables is brief with some only getting a Saturday cram course in Botox injections in a hotel lobby. Learning the art of injectables takes many months of constant practice. Many of us spend more time researching their television purchase than their medical provider. Don’t make this mistake with injectables; pick Arizona Facial Plastics.

Why are your prices so low?

We get this question a lot from prospective patients. Some ask if this is a trick or a price gimmick. Our prices are low because our office sells a lot of products and we get bulk discounts from manufacturers. A smaller office that rarely uses injectables isn’t going to have the same resources a busy office like ours has. The enormous volume of products that we buy and sell results in the highest possible buying tier. For example, Arizona Facial Plastics is the 8th Largest Allergan Account in the United States. This makes us not just a Black Diamond but a TOP 10 ACCOUNT with Allergan which is the highest possible elite status within their company. For your information, Allergan Inc. is the maker of Botox, Juvéderm, VOLUMA, SkinMedica, Vivité, Latisse, and Natrelle breast implants. We have similar discounts from other companies that allow us to offer you similar savings as well.

Why do people from other offices look overdone after injectables?

Nobody wants a face that doesn’t show emotion. Rest assured this is not something our office ever wants to emulate. The overdone look happens when injectors are inexperienced or a patient wants too much. Injectables should never take away all constriction in the face or give an unnatural look. At Arizona Facial Plastics, our goal is to give patients a natural, relaxed look that is undetectable.

Who does my injectables?

A registered nurse that specializes in injectables or a plastic surgeon will perform your injectables. Some patients insist on having a doctor. That’s fine but it is slightly more expensive to have a doctor do an injectable and the best injectable filler doctors typically have less experience with injectables than our specialists.

How much Botox will I need and how much will it cost?

It’s impossible to tell without seeing you in person how much injectable product you’ll need. We can certainly try to stick to a certain budget if desired. We give you an estimate of price before we begin your treatment.

Most typical Botox treatments can be anywhere from 10-50 units. Normally this would be $100-$500 but we currently have a sale which is approximately $80-$400.

Do you ever have sales or promotions on injectables?

Our products are always on sale! We’re not kidding when we say, “We have ‘Botox party prices’ every day.” We have always have Botox on Sale. We have several seasonal specials from time to time but they are not much better than our current sale prices. Because these specials fill up almost instantly, we want our clients to be reassured that they are always getting our products on sale. In addition, we deduct your brilliant distinction coupon at checkout rendering you even additional savings.

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What if I need a touchup?

It takes a few days to a few weeks for many injectables to have their full effect. If anything isn’t perfect just call or stop by for a touch up. In most cases, this is complimentary.

What is Brilliant Distinctions?

Brilliant Distinctions is a customer appreciation program by Allergan, Inc. that offers savings for buying its company’s products. Much like an airline credit card might provide points toward future tickets; Brilliant Distinctions provides rewards in terms of cash for purchases of its company’s products. This money, or points, or “BDs” as they are called in the industry, are accumulated when you buy Allergan products. They have occasional promotions of bonus points that we use to get your extra savings.

Unlike virtually everywhere else, we handle your Brilliant Distinctions discounts for you at check out. When you use our office, there is no need to wait for rebates in the mail, or complete tedious forms. These discounts can be $25, $50, or more depending on your buying history. If you have any coupons earned in the system, we find them, print them out, and use them towards our already discounted services. Whatever your maximum discount is, we’ll get it for you. It’s more paperwork for us, but less hassle and less expensive for you. Products in our office associated with the Brilliant Distinction program are:

BOTOX®black diamond

Where do you get your products from?

Every day, FedEx delivers fresh products to our office direct from the manufacturer in the USA. Most of our injectables are from Allergan, Inc. in California. Other products not made by Allergan are also sent directly from the manufacturers. All of the products we use are always the most up to date version of the product. Our products are kept in the purist and freshest state before being administered to the patient. Every injectable product is used in its most concentrated and freshest state possible so it has the maximum effect. We’ve done internal studies and have found that patients have superior results when we have a constant influx of fresh products. Often the product you are getting administered today was at the manufacturer yesterday.

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How do I get started?

Call our office at 480-991-6877 and make an appointment. There is no cost or obligation for a consultation. If you decide to have your product that day, we can do it. Botox takes about 20 minutes but some of the other injectables can take an hour. Let us know what you’re interested in or if you are bringing a friend so we can plan accordingly. We can normally get you in within a week but some popular times such as Friday after work fill up the quickest.

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

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