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Special Event Prices Every Day. We do more Juvéderm injections everyday than most offices do in a month. Our Juvéderm is delivered daily so it can be used in its purist and freshest form. Unlike others that advertise with older versions of Juvéderm, we use the latest incarnation of Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC. Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC is laced with lidocaine making your injection comfortable without any other pain medications. We deduct your Brilliant Distinctions discount off your bill at checkout so you don’t have to deal with hassle of mail in rebates. Come in for a free Juvéderm consultation and find out why our patients are so loyal.

What is Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel? Learn more. It is a dermal filler to add volume to the face and reduce wrinkles. Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel can be injected into cheeks, chin, lips, vertical lip lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, oral commisures, and tear troughs to improve one’s facial appearance by adding desired volume and fullness to these areas.

Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel is a syringe of hyaluronic acid gel, a natural protein found in our bodies. Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel adds hydration and volume to the injection site. After the initial injection, Juvéderm draws water into the area, adding plumpness and fullness gradually over the next few days.

It is important to note that after one receives a Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel treatment, any type of facial, chemical peel, or waxing should not be done for two weeks, to allow the product to settle.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Prior to the procedure, the areas are marked to promote accurate Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel placement. Varying types of anesthetic (topical or local anesthetic injection) are used, depending on the area being treated, to minimize any discomfort. Ice is applied to offer additional anesthetic and to minimize bruising. The Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel is slowly placed into the designated areas.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Immediately after the procedure, the area will be slightly swollen and red. Patients will be sent home with reusable ice packs to use throughout the day. This helps minimize swelling and bruising, while providing comfort. Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel lasts about six months to one year.

Here at Arizona Facial Plastics, we are one of the highest volume Black Diamond Badge NVPSJuvéderm ® Injectable Gel accounts in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Because of our very high volume use, we have been awarded the prestigious Black Diamond Status by Allergan Inc., the makers of Botox ® Cosmetic, Latisse ® Solution, and Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel. Because of our elite status, we are able to offer better pricing and special manufacturers sponsored promotional discounts that are available only to Black Diamond Status accounts.

Furthermore, our Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel injectors are amongst the most experienced and highest qualified in the USA.

For more information about Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel, a dermal filler to add volume to the face and reduce wrinkles, Scottsdale Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel, or to find What is Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel ? please call 480 991-6877.

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Our Location
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Phone Number 480-991-6877