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Why pick us?

There’s been a buzz in the plastic surgery field about the dramatic results that VOLUMA has been achieving in studies. Our extensive experience with VOLUMA has more than upheld its high expectations. Although most in the industry call the product simply VOLUMA, its full name is actually Juvéderm® VOLUMA® with Lidocaine. VOLUMA may be related to Juvéderm but its distinct difference is that it’s not just a filler; it’s also a volumizer.

Looking for the Best Priced Voluma in Arizona?

VOLUMA is ideal for those seeking dramatic results that are long lasting. Because it lasts up to two years, it maximizes the amount of time between injection appointments. VOLUMA in Arizona provides the instant gratification you’ve come to expect from Arizona Facial Plastics’s injection department. VOLUMA smoothes deep lines and plumps up areas of the face that need more volume. VOLUMA can also be used to correct the temple areas which can hollow as we age.

Why is volume a good thing for the face?

Compare the volume of a baby’s face versus the face of a typical elderly individual. The baby has skin filled will volume. In large part, it is the baby’s skin volume that makes her skin smooth and youthful. In contrast, the elderly individual may have sunken in facial structures due to volume depletion. The volume in everyone’s skin is decreased with age. As collagen breaks down, the face falls into itself, wrinkles form, and skin sags. If you restore facial volume, you change the person’s perceived age because you repair most of the physical causes of aging beneath the skin’s surface.

How can VOLUMA make someone look younger?

VOLUMA® with Lidocaine was specifically created to restore lost facial volume in the cheeks, cheekbones, and chin. It was developed to be smoother than other hyaluronic acid facial volumizers, making it easier to inject during the filler treatment and resulting in a smooth and natural look.


What are the Benefits of VOLUMA?

  • VOLUMA is easily injected into the skin to minimize your discomfort during your treatment.
  • VOLUMA is moldable to your facial contours.
  • VOLUMA is natural-looking and feeling.
  • VOLUMA has a high-viscosity which allows it to retain its molecular structure after treatment, even when injected deeper into the skin, or below the skin.
  • VOLUMA has a higher degree of crosslinking, allowing for long-lasting results because of a higher resistance to degradation caused by free radicals and enzymes.
  • VOLUMA has predictability in achieving the desired improvement because of its cohesivity.
  • VOLUMA is capable of providing noticeable lift of sagging contours on most patients treated.

What is VYCROSS™ Technology and LMWHA that is found in VOLUMA?

VOLUMA® is a filler that is formulated with 90% low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (LMWHA) and only 10% high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (HMWHA). This is the primary difference between VOLUMA® and the other members of the Juvéderm® family, which are based on 100% HMWHA (high molecular weight hyaluronic acid). Products such as Arizona Facial Plastics’s top filler injectable Juvéderm XC Ultra Plus are still ideal for patients wanting to correct wrinkles or to fill in areas of the face and lips. Serious volume loss treatment is more effectively treated with VOLUMA because of its molecular structure and properties. A recent clinical study performed by a group of Canadian dermatologists and a plastic surgeon found LMWHA (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid) to have several advantages in the treatment of volume loss, including a high malleability to better improve facial contours, minimum swelling and immediate patient satisfaction. VOLUMA® VYCROSS™ technology rejuvenates your facial contours at a structural level.

What’s the background of hyaluronic acid injectables?

voluma3VOLUMA first entered the market in late 2013, but the first cosmetic approval of the FDA for hyaluronic acids, or fillers, was in in 2003. VOLUMA, Juvéderm, and Restylane are all types of Hyaluronic Acid Injectables. Hyaluronic acid injections temporarily smooth wrinkles by adding volume under the skin, with effects typically lasting for six months or in the case of VOLUMA, two years. The presence of hyaluronic acid in epithelial tissue has been shown to promote keratinocyte proliferation and increase the presence of retinoic acid, causing skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid’s interaction with cells helps to drive collagen synthesis and normal skin function. Hyaluronic acid is critical to the structural integrity of the dermal collagen matrix. Arizona Facial Plastics has been immensely involved with hyaluronic acid cosmetic treatments since their inception.

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What can I expect at my VOLUMA treatment?

The treatment takes less than an hour and is straight forward. Although it may appear simple, the medical professional injecting VOLUMA is following specific techniques to give you the most aesthetically pleasing look possible. There is almost no discomfort because the product is laced with a pain sedative. Shortly after treatment with Juvéderm® VOLUMA® with Lidocaine, you should notice that your facial contours appear fuller and rounder, giving your face a softer, more youthful appearance. Most of our patients find the change that VOLUMA provides immensely satisfying.

Some patients can be swollen briefly so we send everyone home with reusable ice packs to use throughout the day. This helps minimize swelling and bruising, while providing comfort. Almost all patients can return to work after their treatment with little, if any, downtime. Avoid excessive heat to the face for at least a week following a treatment with VOLUMA or other injectables as it could break down the product before it sets in.

Why Arizona Facial Plastics for your VOLUMA treatment?

We’re passionate about injectables. Injectables are an important part of our business and we are constantly perfecting our techniques. Our office has two full time injectable specialists and other fully trained medical professionals that preform the injections. We are one of the busiest VOLUMA providers in the country. Members of our staff have been selected by the makers of VOLUMA to train other offices around the nation. Due to our high volume, we have been awarded the prestigious Black Diamond Status by Allergan Inc., the makers of Botox ® Cosmetic, Latisse ® Solution, Juvéderm ® Injectable Gel, and VOLUMA®. This status allows us to offer lower pricing and specials that are available only to our office. If we have the lowest priced VOLUMA and we have the most experience with VOLUMA, why would you go anywhere else?

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