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Complete Facial Skin Rejuvenation with CO2 Laser in Arizona

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The sun in Arizona is relentless and skin damage shows up on our faces eventually. Healthy, or unhealthy skin, indicates to everyone around us our age, health, vitality, and how well we take care of ourselves. No matter how healthy you are, no matter if you meticulously apply sunblock on every outing, your skin may need of professional maintenance and rejuvenation.

As you age, the youthful appearance of your skin may give way to loss of elasticity, discoloration, sun spots, wrinkles, and pore enlargement. Laser treatments can improve these skin conditions as well as your appearance. If you would like to improve the surface and appearance of your skin, reduce fine lines, surface irregularities such as scarring, uneven pigmentation and sun damage, then skin resurfacing with a fractional C02 laser may be right for you. The laser is used to remove areas of damaged or wrinkled skin, layer by layer. The healing process is then stimulated, and fresh skin is revealed.

Sometimes your skin has to have a complete start over that only a CO2 laser can provide. The CO2 laser that we use is the gold standard by plastic surgeons today. Manufactured by Alma Lasers, the Pixel CO2 Fractional Laser is an FDA-approved system with many different treatment applications, including acne scarring, wrinkles, looseness as well as other effects of aging and sun damage. This safe, effective laser can be used to treat nearly any skin on the body, and is most commonly used on the face, neck, chest and hands.

The UltraPulse system is a carbon dioxide laser, which have been used for many years for effective skin resurfacing. While traditional CO2 lasers remove the entire surface of the skin in order to reveal fresh, new layers underneath, the UltraPulse laser uses fractional laser technology to effectively resurface the skin using thousands of parallel micro-laser beams, with minimal side effects and risks.

With fractional laser technology, the laser penetrates only small areas of the skin, depending on the size of the laser beam. This allows the laser to penetrate the skin deeper than before without scarring. Depending on the goals of the individual patient’s procedure, different hand pieces may be utilized for this treatment.

Pixel Fractional CO2 Procedure

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia in your doctor’s office. Treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete, depending on the size and location of the treated area. Some patients may choose to have individual areas of the face treated, while others seek treatment for the entire face.

After anesthesia is applied to the treatment area, the laser energy is applied to the targeted area. The damaged skin is safely removed with little to no damage to the surrounding area, and allows new, younger-looking skin to develop underneath.


The actual process involved with the UltraPulse procedure depends on the type of treatment being performed. Some of the most common uses for this laser include:

  • Active FX – This treatment is commonly used to tighten skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production for a younger looking appearance. Active FX uses a large spot treatment.
  • Deep FX – Deep FX uses a small but deep treatment to improve the appearance of scars and other spots, as well as smooth deep wrinkles and other lines. It effectively treats aged, sun-damaged or scarred skin and produces long-lasting results.

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Recovery from CO2 Treatment

After treatment, patients may experience swelling and redness. The skin may appear similar to having a mild sunburn. After about five to seven days, a new layer of skin will form and makeup can be applied to cover any remaining side effects. Pain after this procedure is minimal, and results are visible as the skin heals. Most patients return to work after a week, although when you return is up to you.

Some patients may experience a mild breakout as new skin develops, along with scabbing, peeling and flaking. These side effects are considered normal and usually go away on their own within two weeks.

Once the healing process is complete, patients often experience significant improvements to the appearance of their skin, including:

  • Reduced scarring
  • Eliminated areas of pigmentation
  • Tightened skin
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Improved appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Patients should avoid direct sun exposure and be sure to wear sunscreen after the UltraPulse treatment, as the new skin is highly sensitive. Most patients are highly satisfied with the results of their procedure and can enjoy rejuvenated skin that can be maintained as long as proper skin care techniques are practiced.

Is laser resurfacing right for me?

Laser skin resurfacing can improve your appearance after just one treatment. The laser removes the outer layers of skin, promoting collagen production within your skin. This causes your skin to regenerate and fresh layers of skin become visible. After your treatment, you will see smoother, brighter skin.

Laser resurfacing is best when patients need a more aggressive treatment than a facial, chemical peel or microdermabrasion. As one of the most advanced laser devices on the market, the Pixel CO2 is an excellent choice for treating skin problems like:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Age spots and sun spots

After a fractional laser treatment, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin. If you are bothered by any of these skin conditions, schedule a complimentary consultation at our office (WWW.NVPSAZ.COM), which is adjacent to our Arizona state licensed and Medicare accredited surgery center, to find out if laser resurfacing can address these concerns for you.







How Laser Skin Resurfacing Works

Before your laser skin resurfacing treatment, you may be given an anesthetic and possibly mild sedation for your comfort. The laser settings are adjusted for your skin, and the plastic surgeon will focus its energy on the treatment site, evenly passing the laser over the targeted area. After he or she has treated the area, the surgeon will apply an ointment to the treatment site.

The fractional Laser stands apart in that it utilizes individual columns of laser light that focus on the problem area. This is a benefit since skin unaffected by the condition to be treated is left alone. The plastic surgeon passes the laser over the treatment site, the laser’s energy targets the damaged cells, destroying them. This causes your skin to begin a regenerative process that will yield new healthy skin cells.

Common Questions about CO2 Laser Treatment


What issues can laser skin resurfacing treat?

On top of treating common skin issues like signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and age spots, laser skin resurfacing can remedy some types of scars, including acne scars and some kinds of pre-cancerous skin growths.

What aftercare steps will I take following laser skin resurfacing?

After your laser skin resurfacing treatment, you may need someone to help you get home. You may experience some swelling and redness as your skin begins to repair itself. Our surgeons and our licensed medical aestheticians may also ask you to apply an ointment to your skin during the recovery period. Post care instructions will be given to you so you know exactly how to take care of your skin after the treatment.

How long does laser treatment take?

Your treatment time varies, but can usually be completed within 30 minutes to one hour. You will come in approximately one hour before your scheduled treatment so a topical ointment can be applied on the treatment area. If you are taking an anesthetic for the pain, we will ask you to take that when we apply the ointment.

Is laser treatment painful?

Most patients note feeling a warming or tingling of the skin. For patients with more sensitive skin, an anesthetic may be available.

What results can I expect?

After fractional laser treatment, your skin will begin to repair itself and generate new skin cells. During the initial healing period of about one week, you will experience redness and flaking skin, which are natural responses to the resurfacing procedure. The only type of chemical peels that compare to CO2 laser treatments would be the Phenol or Hetter Peal. There are benefits to both procedures but we can recommend the best option for your particular skin type once we see you in the office. We preform both procedures.

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Want to learn more?

The CO2 laser is a great adjunct to face lift, LifetimeLift®, or other facial cosmetic procedures. Because a board certified plastic surgeon in Arizona, performs all CO2 treatments, you must have a consult with one of our surgeons to see if it’s right for you. When you’re ready to learn more about Laser Resurfacing using a CO2 laser treatment in Arizona, call our office for a complimentary appointment at (480) 991-6877 or visit us at

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

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