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Cymetra Penis Girth Enhancement Phoenix

Cymetra® Micronized AlloDerm® Tissue (MAT) is a minimally invasive, injectable form of AlloDerm® Regenerative Tissue Matrix

Why use Cymetra?

Male Pectoral ImplantsCymetra is used to increase penis girth (thickness). Cymetra is essentially an injectable form of Alloderm which has been used for years to safely increase penis girth. With Cymetra penis injections you get increased girth of the penis without surgery.

What is Cymetra?

cymetra penis arizonaCymetra® is a micronized (dry powder), injectable form of human skin tissue. Cymetra® is used to repair or replace inadequate or damaged tissue caused by surgery, injury, or disease. It also can be used for smoothing deep rhytids, repairing acne scarring, facial reconstructive procedures, and penis girth enhancement.

How is Cymetra made?

Cymetra® is processed from donated human tissue supplied from contracted U.S. tissue banks utilising the guidelines of the American Association of Tissue Banks.

The allograft tissue is processed into a particulate acellular dermal matrix, first by removing the epidermis and the dermal cells, then by converting the dermal matrix into micronized particles through a process called cryo-fracture. Finally, the micronized particles are dried and placed in a syringe, allowing for extended shelf life and facilitating easy shipping and storage.

How does Cymetra look and feel?

Patients say that Cymetra makes their penis look much wider but still natural. The consistency of Cymetra is similar to that of the penis, which gives a natural look and feel. Cymetra normally attaches to the penis within about four weeks. Typical gain in girth with this technique results in a 25-35% increase in circumference.

Why use Cymetra to Increase Penis Girth?

Using an injectable such as Cymetra eliminates the need for surgery. Cymetra® MAT is a micronized particulate form of AlloDerm® Tissue Matrix. Like AlloDerm, Cymetra contains all the elements needed to replace tissue (collagens, elastin, proteins, and proteoglycans). The collagens and elastin provide structure for cell repopulation, while the proteoglycans and proteins allow the patient’s own cells to initiate revascularization and cell repopulation.

Because of the small particle size, Cymetra® MAT can be delivered by injection as a minimally invasive tissue graft. Like AlloDerm® Tissue Matrix, Cymetra® MAT is a natural alternative to using the patient’s own tissue, or to traditional products that act as substitutes for soft tissue. Cymetra® is remodeled into normal soft tissue by the body – with a low potential for eliciting an inflammatory response or graft rejection.

Is Cymetra for Penis Girth Enhancement Safe?

Yes. Although the use of Cymetra in the penis is new, the product has been around for some time and has been proven safe. Cymetra® MAT is ideally suited for the correction of soft-tissue defects requiring minimally invasive techniques, such as injections into the vocal cords to help treat vocal cord paralysis. Alloderm, which is made what makes up Cymetra, received FDA approval in 1992 and has enjoyed widespread use in a variety of surgical procedures including burn surgery nasal septum reconstruction, lip augmentation, abdominal wall reconstruction and breast reconstruction. Cymetra is also used to treat nasolabial and radial lip folds, perioral lines, depressed corners of the mouth, lip augmentation, and acne scars.

How does Cymetra look right after the injections? Will my partner be able to tell?

Slight bruising can occur in some cases. It takes a couple weeks or more until it stabilizes to look its best. Your enhanced penis will not be longer but will be wider. If you want a penis lengthening consider phalloplasty surgery. Both procedures can be performed in the same session.


How many inches will I gain in circumference?

Everybody’s body is different so the effect will vary depending on what you’re starting with. This depends on the anatomical endowment you started with but the typical gain is 20% in circumference.

Are there anythings that can go wrong (complications) with Cymetra for the penis?

Complications are very unusual with Cymetra. Slight bruising is the most commonly reported complication. It is important that your provider is highly trained with the use of injectable filler as noted in this article about the problems with dermal filler injections in the penis.

Why don’t any doctors in my local town do Cymetra or dermal fillers for the penis?

Penis enhancement is a taboo subject for many people, including doctors. It is a very straightforward procedure that is similar to using injectable fillers on the face. Cymetra is new for this area but appears to have the greatest benefit.

How long will it last?

Cymetra does not last forever but it lasts longer than any other injectable we’ve used for penis girth enhancement to date. A course of treatment (multiple visits) is required to build tissue and achieve stable level of defect correction. Maintenance is required to retain treatment effect.

Everyone’s body degrades injectables differently and we all have different skin, muscle, and tissues thickness. This in contrast to Juvéderm which typically lasts under a year and VOLUMA which typically lasts about two years.

Is a skin test required before Cymetra treatment?


Reported Side Effects of Cymetra

Because the Cymetra® is placed in the subdermal or subcutaneous tissue plane, there is a potential for swelling, bruising, pain, or irritation during the immediate postoperative period.

Skin redness and discolouration has been reported on rare occasions, however, these should resolve within several weeks after the procedure. Lumpiness and nonuniformity of contour may occur if care is not taken to evenly distribute the material during the placement in the penis.

Are there any contraindications to Cymetra?

A previous sensitivity or history of allergic reactions should be discussed with your physician.

Cymetra® is produced from human allograft skin that has been decellularised to remove cells that cause graft rejection or immunological reactions. However, as with any allograft tissue composed of proteins and proteoglycans, the graft may cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity. No allergic or immunological reactions have been reported in clinical studies involving up to 200 patients thus far.

Cymetra shouldn’t be used in patients exhibiting autoimmune connective tissue disease is not recommended. Cymetra® is contraindicated in infected or nonvascular surgical sites, unless specifically prescribed by their physician.

Allograft tissue used to produce Cymetra® is supplied in an antibiotic-supplemented medium. Therefore, Cymetra® may contain trace amounts of the supplemented antibiotics. The specific antibiotics are listed on the packaging label. Cymetra® should not be used in patients sensitized to those specific antibiotics.

Patients should avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, for the two weeks preceding treatment with Cymetra®.


Can I get Penis Dermal Filler if I live out of town?

We routinely accept out of town patients for phalloplasty and for dermal filler injection of the penis. Please complete our patient application and call our office to set up a phone consult.

What’s my next step?

If you live in the Phoenix area come in for a complimentary consultation. If you have questions about penis enlargement surgery, Phalloplasty, penis enlargement with dermal filler, or increased penis girth with Cymetra please call our office at (480) 991-6877 or visit to read more about our male enhancement offerings.

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

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