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Microdermabrasion Scottsdale

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Microdermabrasion PhoenixMicrodermabrasion in Scottsdale, also referred to as Microderm Treatments in Scottsdale, diminishes fine lines, enlarged pores, blackheads, age spots, hyperpigmentation (uneven skin tone), scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and dull skin. Microderm Treatment in Scottsdale is one of the safest, most effective skin resurfacing treatments around!

Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing procedure which involves a licensed paramedical aesthetician resurfacing the patient’s skin with micro aluminium oxide crystals or a diamond tipped wand. This technique will wipe away the top layer of skin, leaving behind a clear layer underneath. This is a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedure which can be performed at home, in beauty salons, spas and medical or dermatological offices. Those treatments offered outside of a medical practice such as Arizona Facial Plastics, are, by law, very limited in terms of how aggressive the treatments may be (and, therefore, how much improvement you should expect) because the aesthetician can be more aggressive when directly supervised by a physician.

Microderm is not meant to treat deeply layered skin problems. Results vary depending on your skin’s ability to bounce back from a procedure, other medical conditions, and of course, who performed the procedure. Microderm Treatment in Scottsdale is not for patients who have used Acutane within the last six months, are pregnant or nursing, have lesions from herpes, malignant tumors, keratosis, active rosacea or deep acne. Microderm might irritate sensitive, acne-prone skin.

After a Microdermabrasion in Scottsdale patients should expect their skin to have a pink or red tint after the procedure, but this usually fades after a day. They could also feel a slight sunburn sensation on their skin which will diminish very quickly. For the best results, one should have five to twelve treatments one to two weeks apart. Post-treatment activities should include limiting you exposure to sunlight and keeping your treated skin clean and moisturized. If you need to go into the sun, always use a strong SPF lotion. Try to avoid make-up, as well, as this will allow your skin to heal more quickly. Fortunately, when you are done with your treatment or treatments, your skin will feel healthier and more youthful!

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