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Labiaplasty Revision Phoenix

The goal of a revision of a botched Labioplasty is to improve the appearance and or correct complications from a previous labioplasty. A revision of a Labioplasty is also known as labia reconstruction.

Why does a labioplasty become botched?

Labioplasty is popular and is getting even more popular and accepting in society. As a result, more women are seeking this type of genital cosmetic surgery and more non-surgeons are performing the procedures. Sometimes when a cosmetic procedure becomes popular, medical providers start preforming it without the proper experience and technique. Although the vast majority of women that have labioplasty or other cosmetic genital surgery are satisfied with their results, there are patients that have less than satisfactory results. It should be pointed out that no matter how much experience a surgeon has or how great his or her reputation is, how many stellar referrals he or she has, there can always be complications or dissatisfied patients with any cosmetic procedure. In our over twenty years of experience, most botched procedures are performed by providers that are inexperienced with labioplasty or it is out of the scope of their practice. In other words, some providers perform cosmetic genital surgeries that have no business doing so.

Tragically, women end up having genital deformities even after spending the money, time, and discomfort having a procedure that promised to solve their problems. Labioplasty surgery is a something that people want to keep as private as possible so this is an especially difficult situation. Patients that have a botched labioplasty often complain of genital pain and report feeling “unsexy” and mutilated.” A botched labioplasty often causes self-consciousness and embarrassment with their partner which magnifies the problems greater than almost any other botched cosmetic surgery.

How is a Surgery for a Labioplasty Revision Done?

When you meet with your board certified plastic surgeons, they will review your surgical report and understand exactly what happened surgically and what can be done to help you. The goals in any revision are to improve the appearance, function, and reduce discomfort from your previous surgery. Depending on what procedures and techniques were used in your previous procedure(s), your surgeon will suggest the appropriate next step. This can include improving symmetry, fat transfer, scar revision, or other reconstruction techniques. In some cases, the surgeon may advice you wait for your body to heal before undergoing another procedure. A labioplasty revision, like any surgical revision, is normally a longer and more complicated procedure than the initial surgery.

What will happen in the recovery period?

During the recovery period, avoid sitting for long periods and do not drive. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should also be avoided. Recovery varies from person to person. It could take up to two weeks to fully recover.

Any discomfort that patients experience can be managed with medication. Because dissolvable sutures are used, there are no stitches that need to be removed. Some slight bruising and swelling can be expected around the labia and surrounding tissue. Most patients are able to return to work on the day after surgery, though more strenuous activities will need to be postponed for four to six weeks.

Learn More about Sexual Health and Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Many patients suffer from genital deformities or believe their sexual health could be improved. It’s a taboo subject for many but recent advancements in plastic surgery has made this topic more open and acceptable than ever before. Arizona Facial Plastics offers several services and procedures to help people improve their sexual health. Arizona Facial Plastics offers several services and procedures to help people improve their sexual health. We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality aesthetic and sexual health services possible. Arizona Facial Plastics maintains a vast inventory of medical grade products and offers a free consultation for sexual health services.

No physician, sexual partner or spouse should tell you to have a sexual health procedure or cosmetic genital surgery. Only the individual considering cosmetic genital surgery can make that decision. Only the patient can make the decision to go to surgery after the physician discusses with the risks, benefits and alternatives to cosmetic genital surgery.

The surgeons at Arizona Facial Plastics give patients the knowledge, facts about each procedure, and alternatives to sexual health procedures in Arizona. For more information on cosmetic genital surgery in Arizona or learn more about our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons that preform Revision of Botched Labioplasty in Arizona please call (480) 991-6877 or visit

Please note that some consults for revision surgery have a fee of $140 that is applied to your procedure if you should decide to go forward.

Please call our office with questions if you have questions and to see if this applies to you.

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