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Customized Skin Peel Phoenix

A Customized Skin Peel will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, along with enhancing the clarity of your skin. Don’t be afraid of the word “peel” because it can be made mild for sensitive skin if needed.

Some of our peels have a 70 percent glycolic compound that will remove dead skin that is creating a barrier on the skin. This treatment is perfect for all ages and skin types.

Following this treatment, you will notice a significant improvement in the clarity of your skin. Keep in mind that your skin will be flush due to blood stimulation and heating of the skin. Immediately following the treatment makeup can be applied.

Before doing a stronger skin peel we like to know your schedule. Are you going to need to look your best in a few days? If so you might want to wait because it can take a few days to a week to look your best after a peel. You will also want to avoid the sun and let the aftercare products we put on you after the treatment stay on for the rest of the day. It is important to know that you will be more sensitive to the sun, and have an increased chance of sunburn or excessive peeling.

This treatment is perfect for those with busy schedules and constantly “on the go,”

because it has no downtime. All of the dead skin will proliferate in the treatment room, leaving behind smoother, softer, clearer skin.

Typically a Peel takes about 30 minutes, and can be repeated as often as every four weeks. It can also be combined with Dermaplaning or Microdermabrasion.

Should you have more questions regarding custom peels or any of the brand name chemical peels or facial please call one of our licensed paramedical aestheticians at 480.991.6877.

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

Our Location
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Phone Number 480-991-6877