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Hand Rejuvenation Phoenix

Hands Work Hard

shutterstock_204338725Stop to consider how much your hands are exposed to the elements everyday. Hands are constantly touching bacteria laden things like door handles, currency, and other people. We wash them frequently which strips them of their moisturizer and sunblock, assuming they were ever applied in the first place. Hands are more likely to show signs of sun damage and injuries than other areas of the body because they are simply exposed more. The feet have shoes, the face has a hat, and the body has clothes but few of us can pull off wearing gloves in the middle of the day.

Why Hand Rejuvenation?

Almost all beauty regimens focus on the face. The problem is that if we focus on only one area of our body for rejuvenation, other areas can look disproportionately old. Most people relate beauty to the skin of the face, but the hands can be important element too. If hands are untreated over the decades they will develop sun spots, wrinkles, and dark veins. Sometimes patients have a face that looks as much as 20 years younger than their actual age, but their hands look 20 years older than their actual age.

The use of a broad-band UVA and UVB for protection from the sun is integral to preempt the sun’s damaging rays on the hands. When you wash your hands often, you have to reapply your lotion and sunblock when possible.

handDiscolorations and aging of the hands can be treated with laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and injectable treatments. Some of the products that minimize pigment like Retin A and glycolic acid will lighten up the brown pigmentation of the skin. Chemical peels like the popular Vi Peel in Arizona, or induce rapid exfoliation to lighten dark spots on the hands.

A series of Laser-light treatments can balance the tone of the skin of the hands. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a no-down-time light-energy treatment that can lighten sun spots on the hands. CO2 laser resurfacing treatments in Arizona can treat severely sun-damaged skin. Laser treatments decrease brown spots and repair other skin damage by reorganizing collagen layers like young skin.

As important as it is to reconditioning the skin of the hands, it does not address volume loss. As hands age, fat is lost making the hands look boney and frail. Fat is extracted via liposuction from another area of the body and is processed to extract the fat stem cells. Stem cell fat transfer in Arizona restores volume to the hands making them look decades younger.

Another way to restore volume loss in the hands is with injectables. Sculptra in Arizona is a volumizer and collagen stimulator that can improve the dermal layer of the skin. With Sculptra, it is often advantageous to tighten loose skin on the hand due to aging with Ulthera in Arizona. Juvéderm® Injectable Gel can strengthen the dermal collagen and approve the appearance of fine lines. The great thing about injectables is that they take only about an hour, provide immediate results, and last for almost a year.

Hand care starts in childhood and continues our entire life. Make your hands look younger looking by giving them the extra attention they deserve. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of the injection specialists and aestheticians at Arizona Facial Plastics by calling (480) 991-6877 or see more at

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