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Permanent Makeup Phoenix

Permanent Makeup has become one of the most widely utilized procedures in the aesthetic/beauty industry today.

Micropigmentation/Permanent Makeup assures a time saving solution for those on the go, with motor dysfunctions, allergies to makeup, those who have never applied makeup or do not have a steady hand.

Natural Perfection- Eyeliner, eyebrows, lips and lip liner

Eyebrows– You can have the eyebrows you’ve only dreamed of! Eyebrows are framed to your face and eyes adding attention to your face and eyes.

Soft Eyeliner, Eye Lash Enhancements– When pigment is implanted between each lash definition can be created. For those with Alopecia/Trichotillomania, having a lash line can simulate the appearance of lashes where you have none.

Lips and Lip Liner– Lips can be reshaped and appear fuller and younger. Redefine irregular lip lines, add a cupid’s bow, give the illusion of fuller lips and restore faded color. This procedure can complement any of today’s fillers.


Can you tell I am tattooed? Absolutely not! Cosmetic tattooing is not like normal tattoo. Your end result will be a soft and natural result.

Will It hurt? While every client is different we take every measure to make the process a pleasant and painless one. We use a variety of topical, medical grade anesthetics.

How long is my recovery? Recovery time is dependent upon the procedure done however most clients walk out ready to show off their new look.

How long does the procedure take? Depending on what procedure you are getting, usually an hour to two.

Will it fade? The body is constantly regenerating new skin and fluffing off the old. This may result in a faded color therefore maintenance applications may be desired to keep color fresh.

How many treatments will I need? Depending on the procedure anywhere from 1-3

*Results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.

Our Location
The Atrium Building - 4602 N 16th St. Third Floor
Phoenix, Arizona, 85016
Phone Number 480-991-6877