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Why are People from All Over the Country Traveling to One Cosmetic Office in Arizona?

Published on May 1, 2015 by

Skin Procedures PhoenixArizona is best known for the Grand Canyon and its sporting events but it’s becoming popular for another reason; the lowest plastic surgery prices in the country. A cosmetic office in Phoenix, Arizona has taken advantage of this trend and even provides a personal travel concierge service to make their trip easy.

With the advent of the Internet, every business seems local. If anyone searches for cosmetic surgery keywords Arizona Facial Plastics usually comes up anywhere in the country. A representative from North Valley says, “If someone that’s accustom to paying $15 a unit for Botox learns they can get Botox in Arizona for almost half that, they call.” The office also has some of the country’s lowest price breast augmentation at $3,900 and the lowest price tummy tuck starting at $5,499.

Melanie, a cosmetic coordinator at the office, explains that, “We get calls and e-mails every day from all across the country. People are shocked how much easier we make everything than anywhere else. Because we own the surgery center next to our office and have several highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeons to choose from. This makes it much easier to get people in for an appointment than if we had only one surgeon and were at the mercy of a hospital’s schedule.” The result of compiling the resources of multiple surgeons is that it cuts down on operating expenses and this lowers costs to consumers. With lower consumer costs, come more customers, which lead to more experience and better results. Having low costs while maintaining high quality makes the office one of the best places to travel for plastic surgery.

Skin Procedures PhoenixArizona isn’t just becoming the destination for plastic surgery; it’s also popular for injectables. People in the know agree that Arizona Facial Plastics in Phoenix, Arizona has the lowest prices for plastic surgery.

Arizona Facial Plastics may have the lowest prices on plastic surgery but a bargain only brings someone in the first time if the treatment isn’t perfect. Subsequent visits, especially for non-locals, require expertise and personal touches that make a return trip irresistible.

 Skin Procedures PhoenixOne of the most popular states that are traveling to Arizona Facial Plastics is New York. One patient from the Empire State, who prefers to not release her name says, “I work hard for my money. If I can save a few thousand bucks by coming to North Valley in Arizona, I’m going to do it. I travel from New York a couple times a year to get my ‘essential beauty maintenance’ done. I make reservations a month in advance with the office and get a cheap $188 Southwest Airlines ticket from Newark to Phoenix. Getting to the office couldn’t be easier and I get to finish some work on the plane. Botox somewhere besides Arizona? This New Yorker says,‘For-get about it!’”

For other reasons why you should pick North Valley for Injectables, or for further information about traveling to Arizona Facial Plastics from another state call their office today at (480) 991-6877.

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